Involvement in the legal system can be intimidating and stressful. Whether you are going through a divorce, facing criminal charges, seeking probate or come other legal matter, having the right solicitors or lawyers on your side can ease your mind and maximise your chance of success. At Gryphon Lawyers, our solicitors and lawyers in Campbelltown understand this and wok as a team for your success.

It is not uncommon for clients to have more than one legal issue facing them and at times the need for legal help in multiple areas is present from the start (such as family law settlements where there are properties involved requiring transfers and or sales or criminal issues while during family law proceedings). A big benefit in engaging our team of solicitors and lawyers in Campbelltown is the ability of the firm to handle multiple legal problems. Not only does this take away the need for our clients to have to see multiple lawyers, but obviously saves time and money from not having to provide duplicate information. When our team of family law solicitors, criminal solicitors, wills and estates solicitors, general commercial solicitors and property law solicitors work together they share and copy information and efficiently utilise it for our clients benefit. Whatever the area of law it is at hand, our lawyers and solicitors are able to quickly identify and discuss the relevant issues at hand to provide you with all the available options and factors that need to be considered to allow you to make an informed intelligent decision.

We think being accessible to answer basic legal questions to the more complex and to provide an overview of the process and costs is really important to people thinking of engaging a lawyers services. Truth is, facing a legal issue is often overwhelming and the need to get a lawyer quite unnerving but we aim to take some of that anxiety away by offering an obligation free first consultation so that we can canvass your issue with you and provide you with some information that may assist. The best solution for your case may not be the most obvious one but our team guarantees that through a unique combination of successful client interaction, practicality, strategy, innovation and concise legal judgement we will look for the answers to improve your life.